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About Delia / Bio Transsexual Delia in Seattle area

Name: Delia DeLions
Gender: pre-op transsexual FYI: I'm keeping my cock, but I got big boobs in 2010!
Birthday: Halloween / October 31st
Location: WA state, northwest of Seattle
Hair: naturally curly
Best Assets: Long legs, shapely ass & friendly disposition!
Specialties: Panties, stockings, pantyhose, upskirts, ass toying.
Turn-Ons: Friendly folks, good music, good food, good kissers, spanking, edging, light bdsm.
Turn-Offs: Rude, pushy and/or obnoxious people.

Bio: I'm a college educated transsexual woman from Washington state. I've been crossdressing since an early age and recently transitioned to living full time as a woman. I've worked in the adult entertainment business since shortly after meeting my partner Trixie in 2002. Together we run a network of unique sites featuring ourselves and many aspects of our lives (not just our naked bodies). Thanks to the support of a few fans who sent me small and large donations, I now have a beautiful set of big breasts!


happy tranny Delia

Did you know?

I've been living with my girlfriend, Trixie, since 2002 (and if you join my site you'll get instant access to her site too at no extra charge). I take almost all of her pics!

Our sites are homemade by us, NOT produced by some big giant porn corporation. Not that there's anything wrong with studio-shot content (we'd LOVE to have a bigger budget to make shinier porno, too!), but our sites are more personal. You can see us at home in our photos, videos and on cam and outside in the forests and wet spaces of the Pacific Northwest.

If you join my site you'll also get access to my pre-transition crossdressing site, DeliaCD.

We're not rich! Every single one of our members makes a measurable difference in our lives and ability to keep doing what we love (making homemade porn)!

If you join my site you'll also get access to my pre-transition "boy" site, Trixie's Houseboy.

We'd *love* to shoot other people with all different gender identities for Trixie's Houseboy, DeliaCD and future projects; every new member we get puts us one step closer to having the time and money to branch out and include more kinky friends on our sites!



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