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Mostly posts from me (Delia), and a few thrown in by my wife (Trixie)

Sunday Night SPECIAL

Are you up late at night? Alone on the weekends? We're starting to run flash sales especially for people like you! We want to offer special prices every so often to people like us who often stay home alone on Friday night and Saturday night and enjoy healthy solo...

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Gift Box Thanks to Dani!

My wife @tastytrixie got into my sweet gift box ... & put MY fancy new lingerie on her unwashed hairy pussy!!! What am I going to do with her?!? read more

Stars & Stripes & Stuff

Hope everyone stayed safe celebrating (or taking a metaphorical knee) today. Of course, we think the best explosions you could enjoy are watching Delia's videos ... here's a fun peek of the new Red, White & Blue ... read more

Winter Sale

How do you deal with the darker days of winter? We know how depressing the darkness can be for folks, so Delia is offering a half-off sale on memberships here to help ... read more


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