Standing Ass-Toy Fuck

Standing Ass-Fuck Video

Notes from my wife: “It was a hot wet shoot and I couldn’t resist talking dirty to Delia. This might be the FIRST time we’ve shot her fucking a big toy stuck against a vertical surface like a wall (in this case, a cement column in our apartment). My wife looks so sexy in her shiny platform high heels, black thigh highs, tiny little black panties and hot pink rubber waist cincher. Wearing all of that slutty stuff, knowing how good she looks and feels, playing with this fat purple toy with its big balls is such a turn-on to both of us … and knowing you’re going to watch and play along with us and cum to it too!” – Trixie

I thought I would just show off my long legs, shiny shoes and ass for you in this video but Trixie had other plans. 😉 I love getting fucked standing up sometimes, the problem is most guys aren’t tall enough to really get the job done. I have to rely on other methods to fulfill my fantasies every now and then. In this video Trixie gives me just the right tool and guidance to properly get myself off for you!

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Peeks from Inside

Delia wants fancy previews for you of all the hot porn she has in her members-only area … for now I’m just tossing up a few tweets with sneak peeks!

There is so much stuff for members of that you’ve probably never even caught a glimpse of. SEE IT ALL NOW!


Trixie here again … with yet another UN-sexy (yet AWESOME) post.

Our web host identified the problem (crashed database tables that needed to be rebuilt) that disappeared all of your comments and FIXED it! So all of your kind words and shares are restored (along with the ability to leave more comments, if you so desire). The problem is actually a common one for wordpress users and probably happened during a recent update/improvement so it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m extremely grateful for the help on solving this problem, and Delia is too. Yes, she is a quiet type and doesn’t have time to chit-chat back and forth with people much outside of her live shows and in-person work, but she really does appreciate hearing how you respond to her work. To have supportive words you’ve left along her journey just disappear really upset her; working independently without mainstream porn marketing means her fan base is smaller than a regular porn star’s, but … distinguished. There is a quiet intimacy that grows when you’re online for as many years as we’ve been, and shared so much of your story here (and heard so many of yours). Was it thousands and millions of comments? No. And that’s what makes them even more a part of her body of work, those little moments when someone took the time to add their words. Or even just some random hard-on fueled silliness! 😉

Anyhoo … I didn’t want to invest in making improvements to the in-progress mess here until we knew why the comments piece wasn’t working, so it still looks junky. And it will keep looking this way for awhile … I’m heading into the city to be with Delia this week. We need to cuddle and fuck … and go to the EMP to make sure we don’t miss the Star Trek exhibit! Which will probably make us shed a few inspired & sentimental tears. Because we’re idealistic dorks like that.

Lost Comments :(

Trix here again … I noticed awhile back that comments weren’t showing up here on Delia’s blog. I thought they just weren’t displaying correctly because of wordpress updates plus using a super old artisteer-made theme.

BUT now that I’ve logged into the admin panel it looks like all of the comments here have DISAPPEARED. Which makes me very fucking sad. I don’t know what happened, but it blows.

Christian Interviews Delia

I love seeing Delia getting hammered by Christian … in this case, with questions! He has a special touch to really showcase women and make them feel special. It’s pretty rare to see my wife open up and talk candidly (Delia’s actually pretty shy in the meatworld 😉 so CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!

And definitely check out Christian’s sites: Pure-TS * Pure-BBW * Pure-XXX!

I don’t think enough people realize what an incredibly driven hard-worker he is to be so prolific and stayed in the industry so long. I’ve noticed that most of the people I admire most in porn as being the hardest working have a background as teachers (or having gone to school to become a teacher); Christian is a prime example.

Redesign: In Progress!

Hey, folks! Trixie here … just posting to give a little warning that we’re redesigning AND I’M USING HER BLOG AS MY GUINEA PIG!! Mwahahaha!

If things look (extra) different, strange and messy here, that’s probably why. I’m hoping to have things working nicely for you before Delia’s birthday on Halloween. 🙂 In the meantime, though … it’s a hammer and nails construction zone.

Redesigning the free area of this site has to happen before we redesign the members-only area. Delia really wants you to have great features like better streaming options and easier ways to find EXACTLY the kinds of content you’re looking for. For example: you might want to find all of Delia’s pantyhose porn. But you especially want BLACK pantyhose. And you want to see Delia cumming in those black pantyhose. Videos only. We want you to be able to search with that much specificity!

But first: the public area of her site needs a facelift (and to look good on all different kinds of devices). Most importantly we want her visitors to know

  • she’s still making awesome porn (as she has been with me since 2002!)
  • what she’s up to recently
  • what she and her site are all about
  • there is TONS of porn in her members-only area!!!
  • how easy (& deliciously good) it is to JOIN

Personally I just want MORE PEOPLE to see how SMOKING HOT my wife is, and how quickly you can access all of her videos: over a decade of homemade porn with years and years to cum!

Delia and her site(s) are special. When you come to that should be apparent and draw you into her very unique world that continues to provide solace, pleasure and inspiration to so many.

Thanks for your patience with our independent process and supporting our work!