Trixie here again … with yet another UN-sexy (yet AWESOME) post.

Our web host identified the problem (crashed database tables that needed to be rebuilt) that disappeared all of your comments and FIXED it! So all of your kind words and shares are restored (along with the ability to leave more comments, if you so desire). The problem is actually a common one for wordpress users and probably happened during a recent update/improvement so it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m extremely grateful for the help on solving this problem, and Delia is too. Yes, she is a quiet type and doesn’t have time to chit-chat back and forth with people much outside of her live shows and in-person work, but she really does appreciate hearing how you respond to her work. To have supportive words you’ve left along her journey just disappear really upset her; working independently without mainstream porn marketing means her fan base is smaller than a regular porn star’s, but … distinguished. There is a quiet intimacy that grows when you’re online for as many years as we’ve been, and shared so much of your story here (and heard so many of yours). Was it thousands and millions of comments? No. And that’s what makes them even more a part of her body of work, those little moments when someone took the time to add their words. Or even just some random hard-on fueled silliness! 😉

Anyhoo … I didn’t want to invest in making improvements to the in-progress mess here until we knew why the comments piece wasn’t working, so it still looks junky. And it will keep looking this way for awhile … I’m heading into the city to be with Delia this week. We need to cuddle and fuck … and go to the EMP to make sure we don’t miss the Star Trek exhibit! Which will probably make us shed a few inspired & sentimental tears. Because we’re idealistic dorks like that.

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