Winter Sale

by | Dec 22, 2017 | Announcements, BLOG | 1 comment

How do you deal with the darker days of winter?

For some people who live where we do (the Seattle area), lack of sunshine is a problem all year long … and it just gets worse in winter when daylight hours shrink to less than the average person’s work day (check out my post on how many hours of daylight we get in Seattle versus Alaska and SoCal if you’re interested). Both Delia and I feel pretty cozy about the long nights so far, but we know how depressing the darkness can be for folks … and how difficult the holidays are for many people. This time of year can be especially hard on people who don’t conform to traditional ideas of gender or sexuality.

So! Delia is offering a half-off sale on memberships here to help bring some more-affordable sunshine-like pleasure to get you through winter, or take you all the way through the next four seasons. And of course you can also still join with a regularly-priced subscription or even join at a sugar-daddy rate if you’re in a position to gift my wife with something extra.

We really believe it’s important — to our physical and mental health — to take pleasure in our bodies. When we’re less active during the winter, it can mean we get out of touch with our bodies … or super duper horny and frustrated. It’s important to have a happy outlet, and winter is perfect for getting wrapped up in fantasies, so we encourage you to gift yourself with a membership! Either way, stay safe and have as happy a holiday season as you can muster, and thanks for visiting our sites!

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