Gift Box Thanks to Dani!

by | Sep 29, 2018 | BLOG | 1 comment

A sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet gift box full of goodies was sent to us. By a woman, so

  • everything was in exactly the right size
  • the quality of every item was fabulous
  • the attention to detail put into everything was LOVELY (everything wrapped, card included with contact info, put into a velvet tote bag, and carefully boxed & labeled for delivery)

Delia hasn’t been home enough to try any of it on (much less shoot in it), but it’s nice to know she has some brand-new garter belts (always in demand here with our stockings fetish), super sexy lingerie and strappy panties.

I have to admit … I did try on a few of my favorite things in the box (here are some pics for members). I look like a mess but there’s something extra erotic to me about putting on pristine underwear and lacy things intended for my wife. It’s kind of a dirty trespass. Delia did want me to open the box before she got home, but she didn’t give me explicit permission to try anything on. Though I’m sure she knew I would. OMG I’m feeling guilty now.

Speaking of favorite things, this red & sheer garter belt was mine out of all of the goodies:

If we could only keep one thing in the entire box, my vote would be for that. Fortunately, that’s not a choice we have to make.

One thing that makes me feel slightly less guilty about putting my sticky pussy into Delia’s new goodies is that I like it when she puts on my gifts, too. Like this midnight blue lace teddy someone sweet sent me off of my wishlist:

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It looks way better on Delia than it does on me. So maybe it’s okay that I like the way this new red lace number looks on me?

I just now realized something that makes me even more impressed by Dani’s care package: I haven’t even put Delia’s sizes and such on her new mailing-address page that I sent her, so she must’ve really researched & dug into the old pages to get everything right. Oh my gosh so much work on this site I need to do so you guys can impress us too!

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