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Hope everyone stayed safe celebrating (or taking a metaphorical knee) today. Of course, we think the best explosions you could enjoy are watching Delia’s videos as a member or clip collector.

I’m behind on posting previews on the updates page, but here’s a fun peek of the new Red, White & Blue Layers Gallery:


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Winter Sale

How do you deal with the darker days of winter?

For some people who live where we do (the Seattle area), lack of sunshine is a problem all year long … and it just gets worse in winter when daylight hours shrink to less than the average person’s work day (check out my post on how many hours of daylight we get in Seattle versus Alaska and SoCal if you’re interested). Both Delia and I feel pretty cozy about the long nights so far, but we know how depressing the darkness can be for folks … and how difficult the holidays are for many people. This time of year can be especially hard on people who don’t conform to traditional ideas of gender or sexuality.

So! Delia is offering a half-off sale on memberships here to help bring some more-affordable sunshine-like pleasure to get you through winter, or take you all the way through the next four seasons. And of course you can also still join with a regularly-priced subscription or even join at a sugar-daddy rate if you’re in a position to gift my wife with something extra.

We really believe it’s important — to our physical and mental health — to take pleasure in our bodies. When we’re less active during the winter, it can mean we get out of touch with our bodies … or super duper horny and frustrated. It’s important to have a happy outlet, and winter is perfect for getting wrapped up in fantasies, so we encourage you to gift yourself with a membership! Either way, stay safe and have as happy a holiday season as you can muster, and thanks for visiting our sites!

Silvertone and Red Lipstick GALLERY

My wife Trixie got ahold of my … ahem … selfie stick and decided to experiment. The photo quality isn’t as high as the pictures she takes of me with our Nikon, but we had fun posing for the camera(phone) thinking about how many guys would be drooling over seeing our deep cleavage and big titties on display, taunting them, TOGETHER. Then Trixie switched to video so she could REALLY torment our audience. And that made her pussy wet, and it just got wetter as we continued snapping pictures in color.

She abruptly ended our little photo shoot so we could fuck, leading to our red lipstick on each other’s titties where we sucked on each other, and a big creampie when I fucked her from behind.

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All My Mother’s Lovers

A Tantalizing Taboo Tale

All My Mother’s Lovers, featuring Freya Wynn, Mandy Mitchell, Bianca Stone, Mona Wales and a sexy as fuck scene with me and Arabelle Raphael is now out on DVD!!!

Not only are there great scenes with Freya and Mona, Mandy and Bianca, & me and Arabelle but an amazing orgy scene with ALL OF US together!!!

Be sure to order your copy today:

Even though I don’t get paid directly when you buy DVDs I’m in, the success of productions like this DOES impact me and my friends, and our ability to make MORE high-quality star-packed movies. The more popular a video is with me in it, the more likely you’ll see me in other features! Plus it’s just fun to get out from under our grey Washington skies to shoot in other locations. 😉 I also learn a lot by being involved in other people’s productions, and I bring that learning home with me to my site here.

You can also watch videos right here on my site with my Mother’s Lovers costars: Mandy, Bianca and Arabelle, like this amazing threesome and taboo foursome:

Valentine’s Day Sale

Just for Valentine’s Day we’re offering a great deal on membership to our sites:


Good for one-day only (but since we’re announcing it a little late, it will be available through Wednesday morning). 🙂

That’s only $10 a month!

We never run sales, but it’s such a difficult holiday for so many people … we want you to have some fun!

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SUPERFUCKED by Super Ramon

Let’s kick off December with a fun blast from the recent past: a sweet preview from “The Adventures of Super Ramon Vol. 2” (nominated for Best Transsexual Movie). I know, December may be the month for jolly plump men in plush RED suits but there’s something just as festive about a slender man in a shiny green spandex suit with AN ENORMOUS DICK. Sometimes one big toy to play with is better than a whole fat sack of gifts!

As Delia said in this post reflecting on shooting this scene:

That Ramon has one monster cock! It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had inside me that’s for sure. It turned out to be a pretty fun scene. I now understand the appeal of BIG cocks and think I may be becoming something of a size queen myself!

JOIN SUPER RAMON for the full scene

and lots more fun with the man stretching out his shiny green suit in just one special area. 😉

Peeks from Inside

Delia wants fancy previews for you of all the hot porn she has in her members-only area … for now I’m just tossing up a few tweets with sneak peeks!

There is so much stuff for members of that you’ve probably never even caught a glimpse of. SEE IT ALL NOW!


Trixie here again … with yet another UN-sexy (yet AWESOME) post.

Our web host identified the problem (crashed database tables that needed to be rebuilt) that disappeared all of your comments and FIXED it! So all of your kind words and shares are restored (along with the ability to leave more comments, if you so desire). The problem is actually a common one for wordpress users and probably happened during a recent update/improvement so it’s nothing to worry about.

I’m extremely grateful for the help on solving this problem, and Delia is too. Yes, she is a quiet type and doesn’t have time to chit-chat back and forth with people much outside of her live shows and in-person work, but she really does appreciate hearing how you respond to her work. To have supportive words you’ve left along her journey just disappear really upset her; working independently without mainstream porn marketing means her fan base is smaller than a regular porn star’s, but … distinguished. There is a quiet intimacy that grows when you’re online for as many years as we’ve been, and shared so much of your story here (and heard so many of yours). Was it thousands and millions of comments? No. And that’s what makes them even more a part of her body of work, those little moments when someone took the time to add their words. Or even just some random hard-on fueled silliness! 😉

Anyhoo … I didn’t want to invest in making improvements to the in-progress mess here until we knew why the comments piece wasn’t working, so it still looks junky. And it will keep looking this way for awhile … I’m heading into the city to be with Delia this week. We need to cuddle and fuck … and go to the EMP to make sure we don’t miss the Star Trek exhibit! Which will probably make us shed a few inspired & sentimental tears. Because we’re idealistic dorks like that.

Lost Comments :(

Trix here again … I noticed awhile back that comments weren’t showing up here on Delia’s blog. I thought they just weren’t displaying correctly because of wordpress updates plus using a super old artisteer-made theme.

BUT now that I’ve logged into the admin panel it looks like all of the comments here have DISAPPEARED. Which makes me very fucking sad. I don’t know what happened, but it blows.

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