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Dec 1, 2017 | BLOG, Free Pictures, Galleries, Members-Only Peeks, Photo Updates for Members | 4 comments

My wife Trixie got ahold of my … ahem … selfie stick and decided to experiment. The photo quality isn’t as high as the pictures she takes of me with our Nikon, but we had fun posing for the camera(phone) thinking about how many guys would be drooling over seeing our deep cleavage and big titties on display, taunting them, TOGETHER. Then Trixie switched to video so she could REALLY torment our audience. And that made her pussy wet, and it just got wetter as we continued snapping pictures in color.

She abruptly ended our little photo shoot so we could fuck, leading to our red lipstick on each other’s titties where we sucked on each other, and a big creampie when I fucked her from behind.

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