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Answers to common questions and a few privacy/security tips, good MOST places where you shop or surf! -by Delia’s wife, Trixie


"What Will Appear on My Statement?"

It is discreet, referring to our payment processor. There is NO explicit mention of pornography or

Click here to see what will show up on your credit card statement.


Only CCBill (our payment processor), Trixie & I receive the information you provide when you join (and only CCBill gets your credit cardnumbers; Trixie & I do not get that information)

I do send out occasional newsletters (usually quarterly) to people who sign up for my newsletter, and to those of you who join my site using the email address you provide when you join. You can easily opt out of that; there are links to do so on every newsletter I send.


CCBill uses your email address only to send you membership information such as

  • confirmation (with your username & password for reference)
  • notifications of expiration
  • notification if a rebill fails
  • cancellation confirmations, etc.

“Who will have access to my email address? Am I going to be spammed?”

These are common concerns when you provide your email address anywhere, but you may be particularly nervous when it comes to sexual content, like ours. Rest assured it is NOT part of our business practice or the agreement we have with our payment processor to exploit or spam your email address.

Having said that, huge businesses bigger than ours (banks, insurance companies, etc.) and entities with WAY more resources than we have HAVE been hacked, sold to unscrupulous owners, etc., sometimes resulting in customer data becoming available to others, so that is a risk everywhere, but it’s actually a lot LOWER with us (and have you noticed how spammy mainstream businesses have become? WE DON’T DO THAT).

“Is my spouse or employer going to find out I joined a porn site?”

We won’t do anything to divulge your transaction(s) with us or expose you, but we know many customers fail to take simple precautions against such things, so if they DO get “caught”, it’s usually because of something he did (or didn’t) do. Examples are not having your own computer or device secure (not password protected, browsing history easily available, email readily accessible, not recognizing that your roommate is a pretty good sleuth, etc.).

We’re sorry we can’t guarantee against you getting found out (and we’re sorry sexual & gender identities and PLEASURE are still so taboo), but we promise it won’t be because of an intentional failure or lack of caution on our part.


If you don’t want your employer or colleagues to know your personal business, DON’T USE YOUR EMPLOYER’S EMAIL SERVICE. It’s simply not wise, even if your personal business doesn’t involve sex, to use your work email. We frequently see, for example, people who teach in schools and work for the government using their .edu or .gov email addresses; THAT CAN GET YOU INTO TROUBLE. We recommend setting up an email address (gmail, outlook, zoho & more are free) especially for interests and correspondence you want to keep separate from work, school, and family, and is different from the email address(es) associated with your public social media profiles (facebook, linkedin, etc.). This is a good practice even if you’re not doing anything “naughty”.


Make your username and password hard to guess, DIFFERENT from logins on other sites … and keep them safe!

Apps like 1password can help you keep track of them them all.

Tips for usernames & passwords

There’s a lot of useful information on the internet for keeping your personal information secure. Learning how to protect yourself is just part of living in our media & ad-driven culture.

You can learn a lot with just a little effort; check out or do an internet search yourself. Here are some tips for making strong passwords.


You're ready to be a member!


NOTE: don’t give away your login to our sites to people who haven’t paid for their own membership. Your membership is good for ONE HOUSEHOLD (or one person or couple only). We’d love it if you can enjoy our work WITH your roommate or spouse! Keep in mind that your membership is YOURS, though, and you may be locked out if our software determines a login is being abused by strangers / many people from different ip addresses. THANK YOU for supporting our work and privacy!

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