Who is Delia?

I was born a poor black child . . . lol . . . no I am not a Jerk (at least most people don’t think so). I am a transsexual woman from Washington state in my late 30’s. Currently I reside with my girlfriend Trixie where we work full time as indy pornographers.

I started my crossdressing site DeliaCD.com in February of 2004 and decided to transition in May of 2007. My new site DeliaTS.com is an autobiographical account of my transition from male to female. It’s part pornography, part personal journey.  Through photos, video, blogs, and vlogs I’ll be documenting my experience each step of the way.  DeliaTS gives members a unique and detailed insight into my life as a transsexual rarely seen elsewhere on the internet.


  1. Alice Renae Paige

    Hi Delia . Congatulations on the boob job they look wonderful , i’m so jealous of you .
    I guess I have seen you on deliacd so many years ago when i was still trying to convince myself that i’m a man. I just remember feeling trapped myself not thinking I could ever have the external appearance I always wanted , it all got changed when I finally found out how powerful hormone therapy is and all though im only in the early stages ( 6 months)I have already noticed so many of the changes you described in the blog I just read on your page . your photo from 2004 of you in the window I would never have beleived it to be you at all . And it is a great help for me to realise that my body is changing for the better every day now , so thankyou for posting it for me . I still have a long way to go in my journey to living fulltime and a lot of expense as well although I to have no plans yet about srs , I still need to spend a fortune on facial surgery . since I started to allow my true self to shine I have found my weekly migranes vanished and have made contact with so many fantastic ladies all travelling the same path as me ,which makes me wonder why I allowed myself to be lonely for so long ..
    Oh girl this was just supposed to be HI love your blogs
    and thankyou

    sorry i can ramble
    hugs and kisses
    alcepaige@ymail.com ( facebook too if you want to add me )

  2. Rachael

    I hope this finds you well. I found your site via youtube.

    As a transsexual myself I find your candor and overall attitude concerning your transition refreshingly genuine. I started transitioning five years ago, but I’ve taken it much slower than you have.

    I’m considering subscribing to your site for both educational and entertainment reasons and am curious to know if you provide references for services such as laser hair removal, as I live somewhat in the area (Snohomish County).


  3. Richie

    Hi Delia, congratulations on your award this year! well done!

    Sydney Aust.

  4. David

    Wow. Incredible. I appreciate your candor and your honesty about a life-altering decision that frankly I would be terrified to make. I know I don’t have the strength you do. You ought to be proud and I hope you continue to put yourself out there, because people can learn a lot.


  5. Hank Murphy

    I’ve been infatuated with transgenders for awhile now. I love the way you document your daily life and the expressions in your pics. You’re so beautiful, genuine, & sensual. Congrats on your award as well! You definitely deserve it. Keep up the great work! 😉

  6. Sam "Bunch" Whelan

    I came across this site… Well, a friend sent me a link to her fave porn sites and this was on her list. The weird thing was that I didnt look at the porn aspect much- I read every entry as your story. I sat here transfixed reading every entry for over 2 hours. What an exceptional person you are! I am soo impressed by all you have been through, from the giving up booze(something I have done and am in my tenth week) through to your transitioning ( something I will never do because I am not brave enough). I am at present dressing as “Bunch” (the name is weird I know.. But I kind of like it) and have b privately been chatting to other cd’s. I know you probably get lots of mail from fans… And most of them will be able to be members of your site (something I am afraid I will never be able to afford), but I will definately be following your blog for updates -the relationship between you three is particularly interesting… Not in a voyaristic way, but to know how that will work out. I hope it does. You two deserve luck, love and security. I hope he helps to bring that to both if you.

    Anyways, keep those wonderful updates coming. And I hope the rest of your life is wonderful!

    (funny… This message came out all twee, and not like I had in my head. It doesnt realky portray the tears I shed and the laughter and smiles your blog brought to me…

    Love and kisses!


  7. ff4g37

    long time fan…took a break..returned…even more pleased then before…omg..you’re gorgeous!!!

  8. denis

    hello delia , i a french boy and i love you very very much

  9. Peter

    Hello Delia
    U r one of the hottest Tgirl – very alluring and feminine what a man like me is looking for. I live in Los Angeles. Contact me please

  10. miki

    thanks for youre website delia ,love you and what you produce for your’e fans
    tried every other avenue ! have wanted to wear girls clothes from an early age,so followed youre website
    mikki x

  11. cody

    Hi there. I recently discovered you and was wondering if you top guys? And if so is there a place to find it online?

  12. Lea

    Hello Delia,

    thanks for your website.You are a beautiful and nice Tgirl!!!!!
    Delia ,Please ,Please make more with rubberaprons, rubberboots, rubbercloves.
    I love you so,lovely,lovely,lovely


    Kisses from a German hermaphrodit

  13. Amy

    Delia I am looking to transition but dont know where to start. I would love to discuss your transision with you


  14. cledy

    I would like taste u e feel full of urself,are beautifulest,kiss

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