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VIDEO: Cozy Bra & Cum #2

Gonzo-esque homemade porn video where you’re fused with Trixie’s horny husband-like POV for hot big tit and nipple play, stroking, and sweet cum.


VIDEO: Pantyhose POV with Anal

Gonzo anal shot from wife Trixie’s POV, inviting you to join in the fantasy with her direction.


VIDEO: Peeing Outside in Bodysuit

The thick semi-hard tucked in Delia’s bodysuit has a sense of urgency to relieve some pressure …


Sunbathing with Orange Toes GALLERY

I love spying on my wife Delia as she sunbathes in the backyard. Hidden by the tall weeds I can peek through. She pretends she doesn’t know I’m watching, and rolls over. Continues ignoring me while I come in closer to check out her bare feet.


VIDEO: Christmas Cums Early with Delia

TS trophy wife dressed for a holiday party, cumming FAST on her lace-top thigh highs.


VIDEO: Green Solstice Stockings

The darkest day of the year is over! Stroke with me to an orgasmic release. Drain your…


VIDEO: Cougar Cookout

Time to fire up the grill, honey … let’s tease all the boys asking them to bring over some extra big hot juicy DICKMEAT to our backyard cookout. ;)~


VIDEO: Pink Overalls

Take a look at Delia’s perfect sexy body: tan, toned … with erect nipples just begging to be sucked poking out on either side of her bib overalls, her big cartoon titties jiggling under the straps … milking her cum out using grippy rubberized gloves …


VIDEO: Beauty and the Beach

Beauty & the Beach Video   Sailors be WARNED! There are many sexy sirens in the Salish Sea that will use every device they have to lure you in to the shallow rocky shores. Some of these beauties use their sweet sounding voices to enchant a weak minded sailor....

VIDEO: Striped Bodysuit, Long Socks & Vibe

All Delia’s missing for a fall back-to-school uniform is a pleated skirt; Trix provides a special implement to coax out precum & cream.


VIDEO: Sweater & Silk Stroking

Delia writhes and twitches in a horny frenzy, rubbing the swollen ridge of her stiff clitty through the shiny silk of her sexy underwear …


Sheer Pink Silk GALLERY

I love how delicate this beautiful sheer silk lace nighty is: how you can see my she-cock and asshole right through the soft pink material …


VIDEO: Sheer Pink Silk Gown

My wife loves to see my body through sheer fabric so this soft silk see-through gown from Victoria’s Secret got us both very excited! With the lace, ruffles, and tiny rhinestone details it is definitely one of the prettiest pieces of lingerie I’ve ever worn. It’s so light and delicate that …


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