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Fall Plaid Flannel GALLERY

I know I say it every year but the beginning of Autumn is my favorite time of the year. Does my bulge in silky panties make your mouth water like Halloween candy? read more

Green, Gold & Pink GALLERY

Golden sunshine & gold high-heel sandals. Green leaves and tight green thong. Pretty pink t-shirt bra that comes off to expose big cartoon titties and perky tweakable nipples. read more

Sunbathing with Orange Toes GALLERY

I love spying on my wife Delia as she sunbathes in the backyard. Hidden by the tall weeds I can peek through. She pretends she doesn’t know I’m watching, and rolls over. Continues ignoring me while I come in closer to check out her bare feet. read more

Red, White & Blue Layers GALLERY

I love having my hard cock encased in pantyhose under panties … my pussy-stick straining against the hot layers of fabric, aching to get out ... finally squirting a big creamy load through my tights. read more

First Boy-Girl Shoot GALLERY

Being behind the camera to capture my wife's first hardcore boy-girl shoot for was special, super-intimate ... and just totally fucking HOT. read more

Yellow Maxi Dress GALLERY

This sunny yellow knit dress fits me just right! I love going commando, feeling my big big balls and hot cock swinging underneath! I think it’s so sexy seeing the outline of it through the dress ... read more

Pink Overalls GALLERY

SPRINGTIME. Beautiful transsexual milf/cougar .... Perfect cartoon titties peeking out from either side of her cute bib-overalls. Unbuckling to show off her ... read more

Sheer Pink Silk GALLERY

I love how delicate this beautiful sheer silk lace nighty is: how you can see my she-cock and asshole right through the soft pink material ... read more

Valentines 2018 GALLERY

White stockings, red lace panties, and a sexy strappy bra with see-through white cups with embroidered flowers hiding her nipples. read more

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