Sheer Pink Silk Gown



There’s some hypnotic music for the first sensual part of this video, but it stops about halfway through so you can hear me stroking and cumming.

My wife loves to see my body through sheer fabric so this soft silk see-through gown from Victoria’s Secret got us both very excited! With the lace, ruffles, and tiny rhinestone details it is definitely one of the prettiest pieces of lingerie I’ve ever worn. It’s so light and delicate that it barely felt like I was wearing anything at all! The super sheer silk leaves little to the imagination and felt delightful dancing over my smooth bare skin, including the tiny threads of lace on my big breasts with my long mature nipples poking through.

It wasn’t long after twirling around in it that I started getting really aroused … it felt SO GOOD sliding over my stiffening pole. I actually felt a little guilty cumming through that wonderful fabric knowing it would likely stain, but the temptation was just too much! Plus I know that’s what you really want to see: my creamy orgasm pulsing through the pink veil, getting everything shiny and wet, making you want to suck it or even just imagine cumming with your own cock wrapped in silk, enjoying both feeling and seeing the hot climax forcing its way through the fabric, so fragile it can’t hold back the ultimate spunky excitement.

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