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Aug 24, 2018 | Members-Only Peeks, Photo Updates for Members | 0 comments

NOTES FROM TRIXIE: I love spying on my wife Delia as she sunbathes in the backyard. I should mow the lawn instead of perving on her, but I like spying on her even more when she’s hidden by the tall weeds and I can peek through them. She pretends she doesn’t know I’m watching, but eventually she lets me know I’m “caught”. And rolls over and continues to ignore me while I come in closer to check out her bare feet.

Long toes, and well-worn dirty soles from tramping around in the backyard barefoot. A bruised nail I can see even under the neon-orange nail polish … her feet are made for walking, after all. Don’t you just want to brush the pollen and seeds from her sweaty soles?

I love her hot feet half-hidden in the cool grass. I want to pour oil all over them and press them against the swollen places on my body. Maybe next time. ;). Get all 76 photos when you JOIN.

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