SUPERFUCKED by Super Ramon

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Let’s kick off December with a fun blast from the recent past: a sweet preview from “The Adventures of Super Ramon Vol. 2” (nominated for Best Transsexual Movie). I know, December may be the month for jolly plump men in plush RED suits but there’s something just as festive about a slender man in a shiny green spandex suit with AN ENORMOUS DICK. Sometimes one big toy to play with is better than a whole fat sack of gifts!

As Delia said in this post reflecting on shooting this scene:

That Ramon has one monster cock! It’s the biggest cock I’ve ever had inside me that’s for sure. It turned out to be a pretty fun scene. I now understand the appeal of BIG cocks and think I may be becoming something of a size queen myself!

JOIN SUPER RAMON for the full scene

and lots more fun with the man stretching out his shiny green suit in just one special area. 😉

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