Delia: Your Favorite Hot Cougar with a Cock!

Shiny, slippery satin wrapped around my she-cock:
what could be better? I'm Delia and my erotic website emphasizes sensual details you love: legwear, heels, feminine fabrics & stretch, upskirts, panties, satin gloves, lace and other fetish items you love to look at (or even wear yourself!).


Winner of Grooby's Tranny Award for


This red satin gift was a gift from one of our busty lady friends who just knew it would make all the boys come crawling to me, your hot tranny cougar! Paired with my luscious tits and an animal-print thong, what more could you ask for? Oh! I know, YOU WANT TO SUCK ON MY BIG CLITTY!!

My homemade website is very intimate including details about my transition and personal life that you just can't find on regular porn sites. I love immersing my fans in both my reality and fantasies!

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