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Want to Gift Me?

I wouldn't be a true webslut without a wishlist for my most adoring Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas, so here are a bunch of ways you can shower me with your affection!


Gift Certificates:

Sock Dreams


Agent Provocateur

Victoria's Secret

Email gift certificates
or send via snail mail

gift Delia

You can also buy things from:

My Amazon Wishlist


You can also send me things the "old fashioned" way, straight to our mailbox.

My sizes seem to vary a bit from one thing to the next, but here is some helpful info on sizing:

-SHOES: 11-12 in women's
-BRA: 38D or
-PANTIES: medium
-SKIRTS/PANTS: Size 6-8 (tall if available)
-DRESSES: 6-8 (tall if available), large if stripperwear
-STOCKINGS: large/tall/opera length (but not plus size)

Legwear is ALWAYS a great present (especially 100% nylon or silk stockings, thigh high socks, etc.) as are shoes, slips and such. I'd also love to have a latex fetishist for a sugar daddy!



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