Njoy Toy
A few weeks ago I received a special gift from a member. So this gallery and upcoming video are my way of saying thank you to Chris for a very special gift.
The gift is a toy called the "Fun Wand" and it is made by njoy toys. It's shiny and metal and has a really nice curve to it. Aside from being esthetically pleasing it has a beautiful curve that is perfect for prostate stimulation. Once you see it you'll understand. It didn't take me long to find the sweet spot and once I did there was no turning back! I think you'll get a better idea of just how effective this toy is when you see the video! This is definitely a toy that I'll be enjoying for many years to cum ;-) For more pics see my blog entry.

Yellow Shirt and Blue Jeans
This ended up being another rather large set of pictures. Looking back though my galleries I noticed that I really don't have that many shoots where I am wearing pants or jeans. One of the reasons being that I haven't had a pair that actually fit well. These Levis are just about right for me. Tight enough to make my ass look decent and not so tight that I have a giant bulge in the front. The bulge really wouldn't matter for taking pictures in. In fact I'm sure a few of you would really enjoy it ;-) But it is a little inappropriate for general wear.

Under the Old Apple Tree
TAhhh . . the dog days of Summer are almost behind us. Though we didn't have as hot of a summer as some people it was actually pretty dry. I love it when the tall grass is all browned out and things are looking ripe to havest. We had to sneek around a little when we were shooting this set because there were quite a few people out enjoying the sunny day. Trixie did a really nice job with this set, giving it a bit of a voyeuristic feel.

All of my newer galleries are offered in both 1024x680 and 1600x1063 pixels.

All that plus 2 hot new videos!!! Hope you enjoy this little preview of what's new in my Members Area. If you want to see more be sure to JOIN NOW!

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282 pictures in playing with my shiny new toy

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167 pictures of me getting naked outside in the long grass.


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